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After the Fight by SecretsSecret

I watched your video and that helped me giving a (in my mind fair) critique especially when it comes to technique.

The first thing that catch anyones eyes, would be how skilled you are at anatomy. It is a kind of a beautiful harmony when you mix your anatomy skills with your shading technique. It says "boom!" in a such positive way. This means that the way you shade marks f.ex the bone structure.

Also love the way you shade the fur direction instead of the direction of the markings.

When it comes to detailing the animal, you did a very good job at the fur. The tail part are goergous. That's the part of your work which inspired me the most!
The other things like claws, nose etc. are also more than good enough! Without the blood parts, it would make less impact even though I didn't notice them at first. You have a great understanding for paws.

I have heard you say you dislike making backgrounds. Anyway, however how skilled you are at backgrounds, it seems like a "muted" background if you understand what I mean. It makes the object (animal) pop more out, but at the same time, we notice a good effect the background makes. The rain makes a high-level impact too.
So that is only my thoughts. Sorry for making the whole text look like serious-person-alike thing :P All in all... Very good job! :D
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